Akreditovaný kurz MŠMT v rozsahu 128 prezenčních hodin, jako novinka na trhu vzdělávání. Manažer kreditologického řízení. Je čas splnit si svůj sen o zaměstnání i budoucnosti.

Theory of the Credit Society


In Pavel Ševčík´s e-bookk, you will be surprised how, based on extensive practice and analysis of the ideas of the other great thinkers, it is possible to very simply and clearly name phenomena that, although they have been shaping our society for many years, not all of us feel and perceive them correctly. 

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Who is the book intended for:

Theory of the Society is intended, on the one hand, to

  • who wants to live a new credit reality
  • who does not live life according to his own ideas, but rather according to society's ideas
  • who is lost in economic lessons
  • who does not know how to shift his thinking


 but also for that

 who is at home in the economic world and wants to learn something

 Technical parameters:

The product is delivered in PDF and EPUB format, which is suitable for playback on reading devices and online readers.